Editing tags

Do you have different business units in your project? Or are you targeting different audiences? Are you currently adding an extra effort in a group of keywords and you would like to see them differently?

We have improved the tags system for easy labeling and we have improved the UX making even easier to edit your tags. Now you can rename the tags, edit the color of the tag for instant recognition or delete them when you don't need them anymore.

Editing tags in TrueRanker

Apart of the editing tags options, you can also filter by tag, add notes to a tag, for example to remember a change that you might have done in your website on a specific day that could affect keywords in a tag; or group by tag in the keywords table, so that you can see the average position of each tag to get a quick overview of your project.

Next, we'll add the option to see a progress graph for your average position by each of your tags. Stay tuned!