🚀 Keyword Suggestions sorted by Relevance 📊

Hey TrueRankers! Here at TrueRanker, we're all about making your SEO journey as smooth as possible. 
We understand that Keyword Suggestion was difficult to use. There was not a relevant sorting and it was troublesome to add keywords from that screen. As usual, we took your feedback.

Now it is easier than ever to find new keywords for your project. We created a Relevance metric to sort the metrics by their importance to add to your project in the majority of cases. By considering metrics like Position, Volume, Impressions, and Clicks, Relevance ensures that users can prioritize their efforts effectively. Higher is better and they are formatted conditionally with shades of greens making it quick and intuitive for users to assess keyword importance.

Connect your Google Search Console to obtain more keywords suggested for your project. That would also improve the relevance with Clicks and Impressions data.

Some keywords are not semantically relevant to your project? even though their Relevance appears as high? We want to allow you to decide which ones are important for your project. Discard them and they won't appear next time.
Keyword Suggestions