PDF And Email reports

We have implemented the functionality for you to create reports on your projects 🚀. Here you can see an example of a generated report:


These reports can be viewed in the following ways:

✅ Downloaded as PDF .
✅ In a browser window (you can share the URL).
✅ Sending these two links via email.

You can configure each report using the project filters to get the keywords you are most interested in:

✅ Location
✅ Device (Desktop, mobile or both)
✅ Tags
✅ Favorite keywords

In addition, in each report you can enable or disable the following sections:

✅ Visibility index.
✅ Keyword distribution.
✅ Keyword positions.
✅ Competitor data.

The number of reports that can be created depending on the plan you have contracted is as follows:

- Advanced 👉 5 editable reports.
- Business 👉 10 editable reports
- Agency 👉 Unlimited reports.

You can generate unlimited reports with the dates you want and download and send them to your customers regardless of the plan you have contracted.

Here an example

🚨 Soon we will implement the white label for reports 🚨