Sort in projects overview

Sometimes it could happen that sorting by the number of keywords does not work well in the projects list.

This has been fixed.

Fixed the UX of the keywords detail pop-up

Now you can close (again) the keywords detail pop up by clicking outside of the box, and even pressing the ESC key in your keyboard. Work faster, not harder!

URL malformed for non-Latin alphabets

In the keywords table the URL column was shown encoded for non-Latin alphabets.

Now it shows proper characters of the according alphabet.

Top 10 on small screens

The top 10 results displayed in the keyword detail could be hidden on small screens.

This has been fixed.

Multi-user access

Sub users could not export keywords due to a bug.

This has been fixed.

SEO analysis in top 10 list

In some cases the SEO analysis score was not shown in the top 10 list for the keyword, despite having been done previously.

This has just been fixed.

Sort by GSC average position

In the keywords table the sorting by the average position of Google Search Console column was not working correctly.

This has been fixed now.

Notes page

Notes page at account level, without selecting project, was not accessible.

This bug has been fixed.

Date range selected by default

If a custom default time period had been saved in the project date picker, when loading a project that had no data in that period it could give an error.

This is now fixed.

Grouped views in keywords table

There were certain cases where the grouped views did not correctly display the order of the column headers, resulting in data being displayed in the wrong fields.

This has now been fixed.

Google Search Console Data

Some keywords did not show GSC data because a case sensitive search was performed and the result was not found.

Now the search is case insensitive and if there is data it should find it regardless of how it is written.

Sistrix Visibility Index

In the last two weeks we have had some problems with the Sistrix API to obtain the visibility index.

Some projects may have gotten a score of 0 incorrectly.

This bug has now been resolved and there should be no problems again, although the index for the wrong weeks will not be updated.

URL filter

The URL filter could not work when not all keywords were updated today.

This has been fixed.

Create report

On some cases it could happen that after creating a new report, the language of the page would change from English to Spanish.

This issue has been fixed.

Tag filter

The tag filter did not work in combination with other filters.

When it was used, all other filters were bypassed and only the tag filter was taken into account.

This has just been fixed.

Sort by traffic in grouped views

Sorting by traffic column in tables grouped by URL, location or tag was not working properly.

This is now fixed.

Desktop visibility index

Since a few weeks ago the Sistrix visibility index for desktop was not correct.

It was getting the mobile version from the Sistrix API, so you may have seen that it was the same value for both devices.

This was due to a change in the Sistrix API that they have not notified.

From the next calculation of the visibility indexes, the correct value for desktop will already appear.

Since the values are usually very similar, and it would take us a lot of work to correct it, the data of these last weeks will not be recalculated.

Tags when exporting a project

When exporting a project to CSV, the column with the tags had disappeared from the file.

This has been fixed.

Sometimes the large distribution chart was not displayed

Depending on certain actions we performed in a project dashboard, the large distribution chart was not displayed when its header was clicked.

This has been fixed.

Grouped views did not work

The grouped views in the keywords table (URLs, locations and tags) had stopped working due to a bug.

It is now fixed.

Some users were not having their project data loaded in the new dashboard

There were users who got the project stuck with "We are loading data of your Project, one moment please ...".

This was due to the time difference between the user and the system. It has been fixed.

Now in the date picker the maximum date will be the current system day, not the user's day.

Wrong sorting order of some fields

Some columns of the keywords table did not perform a correct sorting when clicked on.

It has been fixed.

Distribution chart

When a project had thousands of keywords and 3 months or more of data was loaded into the distribution chart, it could fail and not load the chart.

This has been fixed.

Saving table status

When saving the status of the keywords table (order, visibility, etc.) it also saved the pagination by mistake.

This caused that if you moved to another page, when you loaded another project it would start from that page, and might not even show anything if that page did not exist.

This has been fixed and now it always starts from the first page.

Retrieve GSC data for new keywords

In projects connected to a Google Search Console account, when adding new keywords, the GSC data for these keywords was not being retrieved.

Now it works correctly.

Show keyword when session expired

When you kept the page of a project open for a long time, the session could expire and when opening the popup with the history of a keyword, the loader was frozen and did not show any error.

This has been fixed, closing the popup and showing the related message that you have to log in again.

If you do not want your session to expire, when you log in, check the box to keep your session signed in.

Distribution chart data

The distribution chart data for some projects were not calculated for June 22, 23 and 24.

The bug has been fixed.

Unfortunately, this data will no longer be calculated.

We apologize for the inconvenience if you have been affected.

Some keywords with non-Latin characters did not show search volume

Some keywords of non-Latin alphabets showed a search volume equal to 0, as for the rest of Google Ads data.

This has been fixed.

Not to be confused with other reasons why it may show 0.

We use Google Ads API to get the search volume for the keywords, which is quite peculiar.

On the one hand, there are many characters in the keywords that it considers invalid, so no data can be obtained through the API, although it can be obtained through Google Keyword Planner.

On the other side, Google does not show keyword data related to certain topics due to "privacy".

URLs with non-Latin characters

URLs with non-Latin characters were not displayed properly in the keywords table and in the keyword history.

This is now fixed.

Mobile searches with few results

Since several weeks, a few times Google returns only the first page for mobile searches, instead of showing 100 results.

This means that if your project does not appear on the first page, it stops ranking and shows a 101 position in TrueRanker.

We have greatly reduced the cases where this happens, but it still happens sometime (0.02% of searches).

We will continue to monitor how this problem evolves.

PS: do not confuse this problem with the fact that for certain keywords your project can appear and disappear from Google's top 100. You can always check it by looking at the SERP we have obtained with the magnifying glass button in the actions column.

Connect to Google Search Console

When connecting a TrueRanker project to a Google Search Console account that did not have that domain linked to it, a 500 error occurred.

Now, in that situation, access to that GSC account is revoked and a message is displayed informing that there is no matching property for the user's project.

Sort projects table alphabetically

In some cases, when sorting alphabetically by project name, unexpected results were obtained on the project page.

This has been fixed.

Connect to Google Search Console

The button on the project settings page to connect to Google Search Console was not working.

It is now fixed.

SEO Analyzer

There was a bug that did not allow to re-run a SEO analysis of a URL.

It has been fixed.

Export to CSV

When exporting project data to CSV it was always considered as if the project type was single domain, showing positions and URLs that might not be as expected.

This has been fixed.

Add duplicate keyword

Fixed a bug when adding a keyword that already existed, the history was lost and started over.

Sort list of competitors

The functionality to sort the list of competitors by the position of one of the competitors was not working correctly.

The problem has been solved.

Messy data in SEO analysis for RTL languages

In the keyword density section of the SEO analysis, information was cluttered and unreadable if the keywords were in an RTL language.

This has now been fixed.

Cannibalization detector

We have discovered a bug in the cannibalization detector. In some cases the red ladybug was not displayed in the keywords list 🐞

We have fixed the problem 🐞

Translation errors

Corrected several translation errors throughout the website.

New related keywords are not added to list

Since Friday, some users were experiencing problems when adding some related keywords 😞.

We apologize to these users 🙏

We have fixed the problem and it is working properly 🎉

Error when adding many keywords

There was a technical limit that prevented adding more than 1,000 keywords at a time.

When this happened, no keywords were added and no message was displayed.

This has now been fixed and there is no limit.

Translations error

Corrected several translation errors throughout the website.

Sticky header doesn't scroll horizontally

On the competitor's screen, the fixed header did not work correctly when scrolling to the right. The problem has been fixed

Get competitors from country error

Since yesterday we were experiencing an error when getting the competitors of a certain country. The problem has been solved.

Google Ads position monitoring error (Singapore)

In some SERPs, some paid results were coming in as organic results. The problem has been resolved.

Fixed several language errors in links

Some links led to Spanish language pages. The problem has been fixed.

Keyword data Modal in second page

When you changed pages and wanted to see the history of keyword positions, the modal did not open.

This problem has been fixed.

Sort data by ranking change

We have fixed a bug that occurred when sorting data by the change on the last day in the keyword table.

Import GSC suggestions

When adding keywords from Google Search Console suggestions, sometimes it could show error due to not allowed characters in some keyword.

Now it is fixed.

When adding a long keyword, it was not displayed completely

In the form for adding keywords, while typing a keyword that was too long, it was not displayed at all and it seemed that what had been entered before had disappeared.

Now it is displayed completely all the time, giving no place for error.

Wrong competitor rank displayed

On the competitors page, sometimes the ranking of the competitors shown in the table was not the most recent. However, when clicking on the keyword and displaying the details, it was fine.

This has been corrected and now if it has already been monitored today, it will show today's rank in the table.

Translation errors

Corrected several translation errors throughout the website.

Local pack results error

Due to a change in Google SERPs, local pack feature had stopped getting results.

It is now fixed and working properly.

Favorites in distribution chart

When the favorites filter was used, it did not affect the distribution chart.

Now it works correctly. Please note that favorites data for this chart will start to be calculated starting today.