Optimized data loading in the keywords table

The loading time for the keywords table of a project has been improved.

It especially affects projects showing a large number of keywords.

Filter keywords by more than one tag

You can now filter your project keywords by more than one tag 👾

You can choose whether you want the keywords to include at least one tag or all of them.

This enhancement also affects your competitors' keyword filters and CSV keyword exports.

Filter tracking keywords by more than one tag

Filter keywords by exact URL

We have added in the filters of the monitored keywords the option to filter keywords by "exact URL" or by "URL contains".

We hope this improvement will help you to better filter your keywords by URL 😄.
Filter keywords by exact URL

Search volume in reports

We have added a column with the volume of each keyword in the reports 📊.

This data appears both in the keyword position table and in your competitors' rankings.

You can see an example of a report here 👇👇


Search volume in project summary

We have added the search volume in the email that is automatically sent with the summary of the rise and fall in the rankings of your project's keywords.
Email example

Add first rank to CSV export

We have added the column with the initial position of each keyword (the position in Google on the day the system starts monitoring the positions of that keyword).

Add filter to obtain cannibalizations

We have added a new filter for the keyword list in order to get all the keywords that have cannibalizations 🐞.

In addition to this, if you export the keyword history of the table in CSV, you will also get the history of the cannibalizations.
Filter by cannibalizations

Filter by tags

In the tag filter it is now possible to select when keywords have no tags ("no tag") and when they have at least one tag ("with tag").

image.png 3.52 KB

Show ranked URL in keyword evolution chart

From now on, the URL that is positioning your project will also be shown in the extra information that appears when you place the mouse cursor over each point of the keyword evolution chart.

This way, you will be able to check that Google is always giving priority to the right page and that there are no problems.

image.png 8.79 KB

Keywords are case sensitive now

In our system the keywords were case insensitive, so there could not be two keywords that differed by an accent, for example.

Now it is sensitive case.

However, when you filter keywords by their description, the search will still be case insensitive for better usability.

Keyword column always visible

In the keywords table, now the column with the keyword will be fixed when scrolling horizontally, being always visible.

This way, if many columns are being displayed, it will be much easier to know to which keyword the data in each row belongs.

Improved table settings

Previously the keyword table settings (position, order and visibility of the columns) were saved in the client's own browser and it was necessary to configure each project separately.

Now these settings are stored in the database and are the same for all projects.

This way you gain a lot of usability when you have many projects. In addition these settings are independent of the device where TrueRanker is used.

Web app restyling

We have received a lot of feedback from users and have continued to make changes to the style of the web interface.

Thank you very much for all your help!

Big size checkboxes

The checkboxes for selecting rows in the keywords table are now larger.

This makes it easier to click and not open the popup with the keyword detail, which was time consuming.

Create reports filtered by rank change

You can now create reports containing only the keywords that have improved, worsened or maintained their position 🔝

This report is ideal to know which keywords have changed in a certain date range.

We hope it will help you in the analysis of your SEO strategy 💪

Here is a link to a sample report:

- domain: trueranker.com
- Keywords that have risen
- dates: from May 23rd to May 30th

Create a report with the keywords that have been uploaded

Filters applied to CSV exports

From now on, you will be able to export in a CSV file the keywords of your project by applying the filters displayed on the screen.

Filter keywords by rank change

We have added a new filter in the dashboard of each project so you can see the evolution and the list of keywords that have changed in the last 24 hours.

- Keywords that have improved.
- Keywords that have worsened.
- Keywords that have maintained their position.

In the next days,  we will add this filter to the competitors view and to the filters to generate reports.

Filter keywords by rank change

Duplicate notes

It is now possible to create a new note from an existing one.

To do so, just use the duplicate button in the actions column of the notes table.

Connect to Google Search Console

Now when we connect our Google Search Console account, we have the ability to choose the right property related to our project in that account.

It will no longer be a problem if you have several properties in GSC for the same project, for example, with and without www, http, https...

In addition, we can also disconnect the account if we don't need to use it anymore or we want to connect a new account.

These features are available in the project settings page.

Best data in keywords table

We have added a new field in the table with the date when the keyword was added to the project.

We have also changed the format in which the last position update of the keyword is displayed to show the number of hours that have passed since the update.
Best data in keywords table

Increase in the number of competitors per project

We have increased the number of competitors per project for each user plan:

Advanced Plan: 0 👉 2
Business Plan: 3 👉 5
Agency Plan: 5 👉 10

We hope to improve our users' experience with this change.

Change in the monitoring period for users with the FREE plan

🚨 We have changed the period in which the keywords of users who are using the FREE plan are monitored 🚨

Previously, the words were monitored every 7 days. From now on all keywords will be tracked every day 

New Wordpress Plugin version [2.2.7]

We have released a new version of the Wordpress plugin fixing bugs reported by some users 👏

You can download the plugin from the Wordpress directory:


Export keywords with tags

Now when exporting keywords to a CSV file, tags for each one are also included.

New Wordpress Plugin version [2.2.6]

We have released a new version of the Wordpress plugin fixing bugs reported by some users 👏

You can download the plugin from the Wordpress directory:


GSC suggestions

Google Search Console keyword suggestions were only retrieved the first time this feature was used.

Now, if more than 14 days have passed since the last update, the system will automatically refresh these GSC suggestions with a new request to your account.

Position change report email

We have added the option for the user to choose not to send the report to the TrueRanker account email.

Previously the email was always sent to your account email and you could add other emails to send the report as well.

Now you can choose whether you want to receive that email or not.
Project settings

Keyword tracking system

From now on the keywords of users who are more than 7 days without logging in will have less priority in the tracking queue.

If these users log in again, their keywords will recover their normal priority.

In this way, users who log in and check the tool often will have to wait less to have the current day's rankings available.

Improved keyword tracking system

We continue to improve the keyword tracking system.

We have modified the order of tracking queue to prioritize it according to the country.

Countries where the day starts earlier will have priority, so all users will have a better user experience by waiting less time for their keywords to be tracked from the start of the day.

Still, you can always prioritize your keywords by updating in batch if they are still pending to be searched today. Just use the button for this in the keywords table.

Horizontal scroll in keywords table

When a project had enough keywords, it was necessary to go to the bottom of the page (by vertically scrolling all the rows) in order to see the horizontal scroll bar and use it to see the columns that were left off the screen.

This made it a very tedious process.

Now this table has a maximum height and quickly displays the horizontal scroll bar.

Keyword table size on large screens

If the keyword table did not occupy the whole screen, it did not fit. We have made it so that if the table is smaller than the screen it fits the full width of the container ✌️
keywords-table-adjust.png 261.32 KB

More options to add related keywords

We have added more options so that you can choose device type when monitoring keywords related to the ones you are already monitoring.

We have also added buttons so you can add these keywords in bulk.
Captura de pantalla 2022-01-05 a las 16.42.49.png 276.02 KB

Choose device type in GSC suggestion

We have implemented an improvement so that the user can choose on which device he/she wants to add the GSC suggestions when clicking on them.
gsc-suggestions.png 291.85 KB

Choose device type in the keyword suggestion

We have implemented an improvement so that the user can choose on which device he/she wants to add the suggestions when clicking on them.

We have made this improvement due to the confusion generated among many of our users when adding these keyword suggestions.

In the next days we will implement it also in the GSC suggestions and related keywords.
Captura de pantalla 2022-01-04 a las 13.02.59.png 277.86 KB

Add keywords from file

We have optimized the processing speed for adding keywords from a file.

Before for files with hundreds or thousands of keywords it could take quite a long time.

Now the time has been hugely reduced.

In addition, the file size has been limited to 100 KB.

Usability improvements in the table of monitored keywords

We have fixed some small bugs and improved the view of this table to improve usability and UX.

Table of projects with more data

We have added the keyword distribution data to the project table. We have also made it possible for you to configure this table by choosing the columns you want to see or hide.

Table with competitor data

Hemos añadido una tabla con el listado de competidores por proyecto con la posición media y la distribución de posiciones de keywords para tener una mejor visión de la competencia.

Seguiremos mejorando esta vista.

Sort keywords by locak pack

We have made it so that when you sort the keywords by the ones with local pack, the keywords with which your business appears appear first.

Remember that you can put the name of your local business in the configuration of each project.

Improved keyword tracking system

We have increased and optimized the resources of the keyword tracking system to improve the speed of processing the total number of keywords from all users.

This is an ongoing effort and we will continue to work on it.

Improvements in the project view

Improvements in the project view

We have implemented the following improvements:

  • The keyword search field was cached, so when you re-entered the project you saw the keywords you had searched for the last time.  This generated confusion for some users. We have fixed it.
  • When you entered the project page through the "add keyword", "keyword suggestions" or "GSC suggestions" links and reloaded the page afterwards, the previous action was launched again. This problem has been solved as well.
  • Improved popup interface for displaying table visibility options.
  • Improvements in filter usability: Before, every time the keywords were obtained by filter, the page was reloaded. We have made it so that only the distribution graph and the list of keywords are reloaded to improve the usability of the tool.

Number format

Numbers are now formatted according to the user's country and language.

Competitors limit

We have increased the limit of competitors for each project on regular plans.
  • Business: 3
  • Agency: 5

Add options for displaying entries in the keyword table

We have added options to see a greater number of keywords in the rankings table. The options are now:

  • 50
  • 100
  • 500
  • 1000
  • 2000

Keywords suggestions

We have fixed the keyword suggestion to show them in a pop-up on the same screen as the monitored words. From that pop-up you can add the words one by one or all in bulk.

Improve loading times and usability on the dashboard of each project

We have implemented internal improvements to improve project loading time. This improvement will be noticed especially by users who have projects with more than 100 monitored keywords.

Project sharing link

The project sharing link is now much shorter and more user-friendly.

In addition, it is now also possible to force a new URL, which will cause the previous link to stop working. Ideal if you have already shared a project and want to stop sharing it.

Competitor page load speed

The competitors page was taking a long time to load the results.

It has been optimized and now loads much faster.

Increased temporality in the distribution chart

Now you can analyze data in the distribution chart up to 3 and 6 months.